Frogs can be made according to your personal request. This is the great way to personalise your (or your friend's) favourite bow in any way that you wish. An image of your choice can be carved on the left or right side of the frog and set with your favourite gems and inlayed with paua shell or black abalone.


Mammoth Ivory, Water Buffalo Horn, Giraffe Bone, African Wattussi Horn, Reindeer Horn, Pink Ivory Wood, Ebony Wood, Cocobolo Wood, Bocote Wood, Turtle Shell, Palm Wood, Snake Wood, Clavellin Wood or Bronze are used to make frogs.

Ferrules, Underslides and Screw buttons

Sterling Silver 999, Gold 9/14/18/24 (white, yellow, rose, red, black), or Platinum 950 mounted.

Model "Sartory"

double eye, solid button, tapered slide, "Sartory" underslide (narrow)

Model "Peccatte"

single eye, tapered slide, "Peccatte" underslide (wide)

Model "Hill"

white MOP, heel plate partially made from mother of pearl

Model "Vuillaume"

"Vuillaume" style heel plate, round underslide

Model "Dodd"

heel plate made from mother of pearl

Model "Tubbs"

solid button, "Tubbs" style heel plate

Model "Snail"

with star-eye