Bow Balance

A fine pernambuco bow must have the correct weight and balance. If the tip or frog is too heavy then the balance of your bow can be adjusted by customising the frog's weight (1-10g). That can be done by changing an ebony frog to another harder or less dense beautiful wood (see Custom Made Frogs).

The weight and balance of your bow are critical to playing comfort and avoidance of injury, so this is an important issue for all players. In blindfold tests with experienced violinists, the position of the balance point was found to be more important than bow weight in determining the "feel" of a bow. However, players compensate for too light or too heavy bows with repetitive arm and shoulder movements that may eventually cause painful injuries. Ideally, a full size violin bow should weigh 60 grams (acceptable range 55-65g). The weight for a viola bow is 70g; cello 80g; double bass 140g.

Most bows can be adjusted for optimum weight and balance, and it always makes an immediate positive difference to the player. However, there are some sticks which have been cut improperly (by machine), and therefore can't attain proper weight or balance.